Full Time Line

B.C.-Before Chosen
A.C.- After Chosen

1 B.C.-The human races start recording history.

50 B.C.-The Dwarves contact the Mry.

55 B.C. The Mry disappear.

63 B.C.-The Old World is discovered.

100 B.C.-The First Chosen are selected by The Old Gods.

150 B.C.-The Second Chosen are selected by The Old Gods.

200 B.C. -The Third and Final Chosen are selected by The Old Gods.

201 B.C.-The Old Gods disappear.

1 A.C.-The Chosen ascend.

12 A.C.-The Cataclysm happens sending the world into despair.

130 A.C.-The world is sent into The Black Mist. Trade ends between everyone. Most of the world’s population perishes.

135 A.C.- The mist clears. The cataclysm ends.

200 A.C.-Grau is discovered.

214 A.C.-The final map of Grau is finished.

234 A.C.-Four cities, Hexe, Hunderen, Battilin, and the capital Grimmderland, are founded on Grau consisting of all races.

239 A.C.-Hexe is abandoned for unknown reasons. Nobody goes back.

247 A.C.-Hunderen is abandoned for unknown reasons.

248 A.C.-A small village outside the remnants of Hunderan is started.

250 A.C.-Battilin expands to the top of Mt. Battilin.

259 A.C.-The Prophet Of Light is born in Malef.

279 A.C.-The Prophet Of Light travels telling tales of other Gods, The New Gods.

281 A.C.-A new king of Terra Dei renames the continent Mayth.

285 A.C.- Grau accepts some new religions.

296 A.C.- The Prophet Of Light dies.

300 A.C.-The Age of the Dragon rises.

307 A.C.-The Dragon Courts are established.

310 A.C.-Major Cities rebel against the Dragon Courts. The Dragon Wars begin.

312 A.C.-The Dragon Hunts start.

316 A.C.-The last Dragon Court is abolished and Dragon worship is outlawed.

320 A.C-The Mry return.

321 A.C.-Current

Full Time Line

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