Rise of the Mry


The Mry are an ancient forgotten race of Sidera. The strongly resemble Turtles and Tortoises and such treat them as brethren. It is almost always certain that a Mry Druid has a Turtle or Tortoise companion.

The islands known as The Lost Sands are the home of the Mry. However when they lived on the surface it was much more vibrant with flora and fauna. Much like the tropical oases we see on the surface today.

The Mry had vast power in Magic and Nature and were the most advanced civilization on Sidera to date. They existed some believe before The Old Gods. However when the first chosen were selected by The Old Gods the Mry felt it in nature that the world could very well change in the near future. Knowing they’re islands were the safest area they dug down into the ground building giant temples spanning farther then man can perceive The Mry lived in these tunnels for many years. Not until 118 A.C. that the Mry returned to a very different world.

After they returned to the surface some perished to the heat of their newly changed islands. Others thrived in the heat and started to rebuild their once great civilization. The humans in the Lost Islands attacked the Mry fearing the worst. It wasn’t until the Mry spoke in the common tongue of Sidera did they realize that this new creature was intelligent. The Mry explained that the common tongue was actually derived from their language. Some Mry shared willingly with their new students and others shunned the lower species. To their surprise they discovered in some ways the were the less intelligent species. Most found this out by getting lost in the desert only to be found upon chance by a group of travelers to guide them back. These less inviting Mry decided that they would band together and build the ancient empire of the Mry anew on a new land. Knowing this could never be done the other Mry started to refer to them as the Lost Mry as they had become lost just like the land and nation they held so close to their hearts.

Today the Mry still struggle to fit in society. Most live in the southern areas of the world and the rest on the Lost Sands. They strive to bring back their once great land but for all to join. However the less inviting Lost Mry will strike down any other species to talk down to them or disrespect them. For this reason in some areas the Mry are severely hated Lost or not.

A Mry specializes in Druidic nature and arcane arts. They are naturally slow in movement but fast in though thus making their intelligence higher then most but their dexterity lower.
If a Mry chooses not to use any magic he often builds up his shell and adds to his natural armor to be a strong warrior. All Mry are honorable and tranquil.

Rise of the Mry

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