In the beginning Sidera started as all planes do a blank white space. Until beings from other unknown planes made it there home, there was nothing. These beings are known as The Old Gods. The old gods created the plane and the Human Races were born along with all of the others. The Mry were the first to be created and thus the most advanced. Humans forgot them and the only known race to have ever interacted with them before they disappeared were the Dwarves. After the Mry left the world came the rise of the humans from one of the Old Continents Terra Dei. The Elven race lived here too and thus started the Elven Human wars. The humans prevailed and the Elven race integrated into Human society. The Dwarves and Gnomes rose out of they’re mountains only to go back in right away aside from the few that explored. This left much of The Old continent Normalen unexplored. The Humans wanting to search for more land to claim went north and thus came The Old Continent Daemonum. Then the humans Branched out to find the tribal like Halflings on the plains of Normalen. The Halflings gladly integrated into the society of Elves and Humans. Along with their urge to take things that don’t belong did they take the culture and forget their own. As the Human ships were sailing back full of the new Halflings and explorer Gnomes they found the Forgotten Kingdom of Unda. A vast nation but hostile to outsiders. Little is known of this place because of the ships that went to explore never came back.

It wasn’t until the cataclysm that is know to only few as The Chosen’s Quest and to many more as The end days. That the world changed after the First Chosen completed their quest the world erupted in earthquakes and storms. The Kingdom of Unda sunk under the seas to be forgotten and the Island known as The Bay shifted from Normalen. Upon exploration of this newly shaped world did the Human Races find The Lost Sands. This place was nothing but sand to the Human Races so they left and used it as a place for exiles.

Life went on for a while as normal until the Second Chosen arrived and did the earth shake again. Not much happened from these quakes but the volcano of Daemonum erupted. Putting Daemonum in a state of peril that they will never recover from. Life continued until The Last Chosen were formed by the gods.


Upon the completion of The Last Chosen’s quest another Cataclysm would take over the earth. This one started as all with the Volcano of Daemonum erupting and quakes that would shake the earth. It was not until this did not stop that the world realized this is much bigger. Citizens all over the globe started to believe the gods had forsaken them. Some turned to the gods seeking guidance only to receive nothing for their prayers. Then The Black Mist would take over the earth making it very difficult to see. Many stayed in their homes to wait to die. Some tried to continue with their lives fighting to stay alive. All trade was shut down and total anarchy ensued the world of Sidera.

This lasted for 2 years killing 80% of the Worlds population. Until a light shined high above the cloud clearing all the mist allowing sight once more. This light was believed to be a new god and the church of the light was formed. Upon exploration of the newly formed world they realize that not much of the map has changed. Just bits and pieces of the continents have moved and shifted forming new islands. The placement of the continents had changed and a brand new continent formed form the joining of Daemonum, a chunk of Terra Dei, and The North Isles is discovered. This place is named Grau after the man who found it Fredderick Grau. He explores the majority of the continent and the maps are finished by his sons.


The world continues to rejoice in the light and starts to repopulate and settle in the new land. Hexe, Hunderen, Battilin, and the capital Grimmderland are all founded named after the sons and daughter of Fredderick Grau.
Hexe, named after his daughter is later abandoned for unknown reasons and everyone who lived there vows to never return. The most that was ever described was a magical explosion that ripped the city apart.
Hunderen is abandoned only for The Village of Hunderen to be founded outside its walls. Very few live in this village and very few visit the city.
Battilin is prosperous ruled by a Duke named Vlad. The people of Battilin rejoice and the city grows so big they expand up Mt. Battilin the city sits at the foot of.
Grimmerland is the first of the cities and grows huge in a matter of months. It’s so big that the houses extend 2 miles beyond the walls.

The continent of Grau is prosperous but shunned by the rest of the world for their customs and traditions. Very few in Grau believe in the light and this causes friction between Grau and the outside world.

A new king of Terra Dei renames the Continent after his son, Mayth.

The Dwarven king of the new capital Maarr in Normalen renames the continent Thaof after his first born son.

The Prophet Of Light is born to Lilly Bright. Her and her husband Adam are priest of the church and so were never suppose to have children from the beginning. They hide the child until the church discovers them and executes them naming them heretics. The child is raised to the church and later becomes a cleric himself. During a ceremony in the capital building of Malef he is overtaken by the light and his eyes glow white. He is then chosen as the Prophet Of Light. He spreads word of the true Gods and shares stories and beliefs of all of them. Seeming to be a different person every day. He says that the religion of the light is blasphemy and all shrines should be torn down. He explains that some gods may walk among the world of Sidera. He explains any and all religion and all start to accept the new way after some persuasion.

With the new religions in place all holy names are replaced with different names. The clerics of light are disbanded and transform into the Fists of Justice. An order of knights devoted to keeping justice by any way necessary. They exist in a select few cities and all laws are the same and known in each city the occupy.

Some of the new religions are accepted in Grau. More of the darker and death related ones are the main influence in Grau.

The world prospers with few conflicts or wars beside small skirmishes over land. Until some friction is created when the Dragon Courts are created. Believing that Dragons are the gods walking the earth they worship. The Dragon courts consist of 9 separate cults following 9 different dragons.


The head of the courts and the most deadly is the Court of Xashasa. Xashasa is the most powerful dragon on the planet and could take out the biggest city with one breath of fire. He enjoys watching the human races do his work for him though as he rejoices in slow death. Said to eat mothers and hearts of their children he is by far the most gruesome and terrifying of the dragons. The head of this court Grallad the Black is an orc said to have been charred black by Xashasa’s fire is just as gruesome as the dragon he worships. Taking many slaves only to kill them when he grows tired of them.

These Courts became bigger and bigger until the churches decided to start purging them off the planet. hunting dragons and their worshipers. Eventually the Courts crumbled though nobody is sure what happened to Xashasa. Once the courts were abolished cities bgan outlawing all worship of any unknown god.

This went on for a while until a law by the Fists Of Justice decided to make a law that stated you could worship who you please as long as you break no other laws doing it. The fists of justice became bigger and bigger becoming the only law enforcement in Mayth and in some cities in the other continents.


The Mry are ancient race the fell asleep long ago the Cataclysm awoke them from their tombs and out they came to their newly shaped world. The Mry were feared at first thought to be dragon worshipers but shortly were accepted into most society. Few venture out beyond the sands however as they love their home even in the condition its in now.


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