The Last Chosen

The Last Chosen are also known as the new gods. For they are the ones who cast out the old gods. They are the last group of The Chosen’s Quest They traveled in a group of no more then 5 with members dying and joining in frequently. The last members were:

Georgie “Jorge” Bamark

Other members that never made it to the end were:

These chosen were formed by the gods to help control the chaotic war between Heaven and Hell. Some say the idea came from the old god Nethus. Little did they know the chosen had the power to banish them from their own plane. And after gathering The Six Chosen Artifacts with the help of The Book of the Chosen they banished the old gods to purgatory to save the plane from the war of the gods. Then with a lack of no other gods in the world The Chosen all past and current became The New Gods.
But the world oblivious to what was happening never acknowledge their new gods. It wasn’t until The Prophet Of Light did they realize who really shaped their world

The Last Chosen

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