Grallad the Black


Grallad The Black is a full blooded orc and is the head of The Court of Xashasa.

He is the leader of all Dragon Courts and is the most terrifying being on the planet next to Xashasa himself. He is said to have lived through one of Xashasa’s fire breaths when he was an infant which blackened his skin for life. The dragon took him in and raised him and when he became of age he created the Dragon Courts, a group of cultist that follow and worship dragons. He is the leader of all other courts and he only listens to Xashasa.

Grallad enjoys enslaving other for his pleasure forcing them to do small and big tasks for him. He enslaves everyone from young to old and of all races and genders. He enjoys one perticular slave a human woman named Asina. He kidnapped her when she was very young when he destroyed her village. She grew up being his slave and doing everything she was told. When she turned 20 he declared she be his wife and bare his children. Many half orcs have Grallad’s blood in them.

Grallad the Black

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