Fredderick Grau was a buisness man who after The Cataclysm explored the new world as soon as he could so he could be the first on top. He found this new continent and named it Grau, after himself. The continent of Grau has four cities, Hexe, Hunderen, Battilin, and the capital Grimmderland. They are all founded named after his daughter and 3 sons after Fredderick’s death.

His death is tragic as he is found in the port his ship is staying at floating stabbed 47 times in the chest. It is rumored that his children whom he traveled with did this.

The cities all govern themselves and the rest of the land is known as free land. This means there is no laws enforced by anyone on this land.

Hexe, named after his daughter is later abandoned for unknown reasons shortly after its founding and everyone who lived there vows to never return. The most that was ever described was a magical explosion that ripped the city apart.

Hunderen is abandoned for an unknown reason as well only for The Village of Hunderen to be founded outside its walls. Very few live in this village and very few visit the city. Most say they just don’t like the feeling of being caged in by the walls of the city.

Battilin is a prosperous city ruled by a Duke named Vlad. The people of Battilin rejoice as the city grows under his rule. It gets so big they expand up Mt. Battilin, The mountain the city sits at the foot of. This city has a great night life and all are pretty resistant to the cold as it stays pretty chilly year round.

Grimmerland is the first of the cities and grows huge in a matter of months. Because of its size its declared the capital. It’s so big that the houses extend 2 miles beyond the walls. It is ruled by nobody however and seems to have no laws. Everyone in the city seems to just get along. Everyone who visits Grau never visits Grimmerland to find out exactly what its like.

Most people who visit Grau never want to go back and always have a cold look about them.


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