Mayth is the home of the Humans and Elves. It was named Terra Dei before The Cataclysm and lost its name during it. It was a nameless place that had many small towns scattered around it consisting of three to four families. Until some towns got too big and began to form into cities. The first to do this is named Malef. Here the king is born and raised where he rises to power.

King Hermes II is of the Mithun family of Malef. He was born to a nobleman who was a member of the senate. At the young age of eighteen he took his father’s spot on the senate of houses. This senate is made up of all the houses on the continent.

That year the senate breaks down. Two of the members dies from natural causes and another is sent to prison by the now forming Fists of Justice run by house Dreggin. Hermes is close with house Dreggin and house Lamia and as the only three houses left on the senate they have to make a decision of what other houses should join. Hermes decides to take this opportunity to become ruler of this fair kingdom and convinces the others to allow him.

He decides to remake the senate and selects houses from all over to join his new senate. He decides to have them be judges in his kingdom. He has house Dreggin enforce their laws with his Fists of Justice and places house Lamia in charge of finances.

Shortly after he instills this new order he weds his long love Queen Alandra at the age of 21. He then has his first born son who he names Mayth. He then declares that the continent is named Mayth after his son.

The King of Mayth is more symbolic then a ruler however he does have the power to overrule anything he wishes.

All goes well with the system that is in place for peace and order in Mayth. Now the King is at the age of 61 and his son is 40 and a humble prince. King Hermes II has just announced that he is giving the throne to his son. The kingdom is excited in this and The prince is about to start his pareade through the continent. He travels on the road heavily guarded by the Fists of Justice and gives a speech to each city until his final stop in Malef where he is Coronation will take place. Thousands will travel with him with their tents and carriages to see the coronation and to hopefully meet the soon to be King.

The elves of Mayth are highly respected. There are the city elves and the wood elves. The city elves take place in human culture while the Wood Elves despise them. The king Allows them to govern themselves and leaves their forests alone. Any trespassers are taken care of by the elves and the king allows this in order to keep peace. Every 6 months they High Elven Queen meets with The King and she soon will meet with the new king.


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