Formally known as Normalen, Thaof is a strong militaristic country. It was heavily damaged during The Cataclysm. It was unified under one man, a dwarf named Eron Maarr. He unfied the Dwarven Cities of the Berg Mountains and Schifft. During The Black Mist the continent of Normalen suffered from earth quakes and tsunamis. These disasters sunk parts of the continent into the ocean and reformed the mountains. After the mist cleared the people of Normalen didn’t look to the light as much as it looked to Eron they cheered and praised him all which he rejected. He said that it was all just his duty to his country and its people. They demanded he run their city which they named after him “Maarr”. He humbly accepted this proposal thinking in this position he could help form his country into his vision.

After Eron was declared leader of Maarr he declared that every man and woman able to fight would be trained and enlisted in his army to protect the city from marauders. His citizens thinking he knew what he was doing agreed and began their training. He then traveled to all near by settlements and took them over in his name. None of the settlements fought back as he had to much power.

After some expanding and growth Eron took on a bride and had his first born son Thaof. He then renames the continent after his child. Shortly after Thaof is born he then heads south to old Krieg. Shocked to find this place almost unchanged by the cataclysm and stronger then ever he launches his attack to take the city over. The battle last 3 weeks and is long and grueling. Some begin to wonder why they put this monster Eron into power and all who do are executed. He finally takes the head of the leader of Krieg and renames it Nirdim after his young niece who was killed during the battle.

Now that he has united the southern half of Thaof, he looks to the mountains and seeks all Dwarven and Gnomish cities inside and out of the mountains. He then enlist all of the dwarves who are willing into his elite force the Boagh after his nephew who also died in the battle of Krieg. He takes the Boagh to Nirdim and begins training them himself in the art he calls Az Barag. This is the art of duel wielding your own personally forged war axes.

He heads past the mountains but finds nothing despite reports of a town growing fast.
He never find this place and goes back to his capital hes been away from so long. After only a month of being in Maarr he dies of natural causes. His son Thaof is now the ruler. Just like his father he prefers not to be refered to as king. Thaof has a thought of traveling to Mayth to take rid the planet of The Fists of Justice. The only thing holding him back is his sisters and his mother.


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